Security camera allow you to observe what is going on at a remote location. They can be useful tools for stopping crime, and act as a deterrent, especially when they are combined with a DVR to record activity. Recent security cameras support remote viewing over the internet.

A couple years ago I installed a Foscam FI8918W wireless webcam to use as a security camera at my house. This camera supports wirless access so you only need to run power to it, and you are able to view it remotely from within your network, or with apporpriate configuration, from work, or elsewhere on the internet. it was relatively easy to set up and has worked relaibly for several years.

More recently I purchase an outdoor wireless security camera, the Loftek Sentinel-D1, with similar features. This one has worked well at times, but the wireless connectivity has been less reliable. There are similar cameras on the market, which I have not evaluated personally, one of the newer models with similar featuers is shown on the left. It is important to note that while the cameras may communicate wirelessly (using your home WiFi network), they still require a power connection. To run power to this camera I had to perform some surgery on the power source, to extend the reach beyond the included length of the power supply cord.

I have recently seen real wireless camera systems for the home, but they rely on batteries, and I expect that with extensive use it might be necessary to change batteries in the camera too frequently. Consider the reviews on this one, and your own needs. Personally, it does not meet my needs, but installation is much easier than for the other systems described on this page.