There are good locks and bad locks. Most locks on today's homes are not very good. Most burglers defeat locks by forcing a door open, and rarely do they spend any time trying to pick a lock. More recently, a technique know as "lock bumping" has become widely known, allowing even an unskilled burglard to easily open the inexpensive locks one buys at hardware store. If you bought a new home, the builder most likely installed cheap locks, and you really should consider upgrading to better locks like the Schlage Primus or Medeco series.

Good locks don't do much without similarly improving your door hardware. Avoid having your door kicked in by making sure that the lock is set into a frame with enough metal to keep the deadbolt from breaking through the edge of the frame. Ensure that the screws go deep enough into the door frame and that the door hinges are not exposed on the outside. Make sure that your doors and windows can not be lifted off their tracks from the outside.