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The network has taken over home technology. From your telephone to your television and media center to lighting control and home security, your home network now ties everything together. This site will teach you about the next generation in home technology, from the future of telephone, to internet television. Learn about security systems, home automation, and home networking technologies.
  • Television - Television is changing. Several years ago, over the air television went digital, bringing with it higher quality images and more channels, but many homes still received their signal from cable TV or Sattelite. As the Internet speeds to the home increase, we are finding Television increasingly integrated with the network. Many with strong over the air signals, who what only limited cable programming, are leaving cable and getting the few pay shows they watch online. We discuss this trend, and the devices that support it.
  • Home Networking - The home network is rapidly becoming the nerve center of your home. It is now used for internal communication between devices, to link your television and audio components to your music and video connection, to view video from security cameras, to connect printers and disks to computers, and much more.